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Residential Fencing

Redmond’s Fencing and Pole Structures in Redmond, Oregon has been building quality fencing for over 20 years. We are a family-owned business striving to deliver the best product and experience to every customer.

Residential Fencing

A new fence can not only increase the privacy or security of your home but also the beauty. We build a wide range of fencing options and materials. We are sure to have a fencing solution for your style and budget. Our local fencing technicians are experts in the styles, laws, terrain, and other unique characteristics of each area. You can trust us to deliver quality fencing on time and on budget.

Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing has a traditional and functional appeal that is well-suited to residential properties that benefit from a solid perimeter.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing are long-lasting, stand up to extreme weather, and resist insect and water damage.

Agricultural Fencing

Farm and ranch fencing have a timeless look that’s useful for ensuring livestock are where they need to be.

Make a great first impression and secure entry into your home or with secure driveway fencing gates or archways

Gates Archways 

Ornamental Fencing

Metal fences have a fairly standard look, but there are a variety of customizations and variations available on the fencing market

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